From October 5th to October 7th, Maison Boucheron is hosting La Maison, a stylish, visionary jewelry experience in Riyadh at Lakum Artspace, a place founded by Neama Al-Sudairi where fashion, design, art and gastronomy come together.

As explained by Hélène Poulit-Duquesne, CEO of Maison Boucheron, La Maison Riyadh pays tribute to the values of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has been shaped by its heritage and its traditions: “Middle East is a crucial region for Boucheron business-wise. While it is one of the regions in which we have been operating for the longest time – we are actually one of the oldest jewelers established there – it still represents a huge potential and remains a very important part of our customer portfolio. We operate right at the very top of the market, selling to highly educated and savvy collectors who are buying investments, as well as dreams. We are also very proud of our local clientele because they are those who most likely have the best understanding of the Maison, its values and its personality. That is why Boucheron chose Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to host its first edition of La Maison event in GCC.”

On the occasion of Boucheron’s first event in Saudi Arabia, guests are invited to a timeless encounter with the world of jewelry. Style, innovation, heritage and French art de vivre – the main facets of Boucheron’s DNA – are on show throughout this phygital journey. The trail is interspersed with digital animations, augmented reality try-on sessions and other surprises, which provide an immersive and interactive experience into the world of the Maison.


Before the visit, guests are invited to access a minisite on their phones and to answer a few questions regarding their tastes and personality, in order to create their personal Boucheron style recommendation. At the end of the questionnaire, they will receive a personal QR code to scan during the physical experience. This unique QR code will allow visitors to enjoy a personalized journey and discover their own Boucheron style.


The Maison’s creativity has always been guided by the freedom to wear. It goes hand in hand with movement and character. Boucheron allows everyone to create their own style, to reveal their uniqueness and thus to write their own story.

It seems then natural to allow visitors to discover Boucheron’s Fall-Winter novelties in a cozy styling room. This warm atmosphere illustrates the Maison’s philosophy – Boucheron does not impose but proposes – and encourages everyone to invent their own style.
The visitors will be able to scan their QR code next to the digital mirror arch to interact with Boucheron stylish contents matching their user profile. On this mirror arch, they will enjoy a personalized jewelry selection, and will be able to share this recommendation on social media.
In addition to Boucheron’s Fall-Winter novelties, guests will discover iconic jewelry collections such as Quatre, Serpent Bohème, Jack de Boucheron.


The Maison Boucheron archives are acknowledged to be among the most stunning of Place Vendôme. They are what makes it possible to imbue the Maison with the historical vision that it has inherited, to revitalize those styles, and lead them into the future. These abundant archives continue to inspire the creative studio and influence the craftsmanship behind the Histoire de Style High Jewelry collections.

Visitors will discover this heritage enclaved at the heart of a red lacquered library. This scenography pays tribute to the « Salon Chinois », a secret cabinet inspired by Chinese style that was commissioned by Frédéric Boucheron at the beginning of the twentieth century and that still exists at 26, place Vendôme.

In the library, visitors will find a selection of pieces from the new High Jewelry collection Histoire de Style, Art Déco launched in January 2021. For this collection, Claire Choisne, Boucheron’s Creative Director, delved into the Art Deco archives and extracted the purity of the lines and the radical simplicity to create a bridge between past and present and show the timeless essence of High Jewelry. Visitors will be surrounded by digital screens broadcasting videos and images of the collection and will be able to try the pieces on in augmented reality on the minisite.

In addition, visitors will have the pleasure to discover a collection of heritage pieces from the Art Deco period such as a diamond and black enamel arm bracelet, from 1920 and a diamond and platinum wristwatch from 1929. Revealed for the first time in Saudi Arabia, they attest to the Maison’s exceptional know-how and creativity during this period.


As expressed in Boucheron’s Carte Blanche High Jewelry collections, innovation is always guided by a creative dream. R&D is at the heart of Boucheron’s values. Ever since 1858, Boucheron has presented itself as an innovative and visionary jeweler. The Maison Boucheron is engaged in a constant quest for new technical, artistic and aesthetic processes and, over the last 163 years, has been designing new forms of jewelry, by creating daring ways of wearing it and by introducing unusual materials, all of which have made an enduring impact on the history of French jewelry.
In the innovation room, guests will discover how Maison Boucheron combines cutting-edge scientific techniques with the ancestral expertise of its workshops to create Carte Blanche High Jewelry collections. These collections put innovation and creativity at the service of poetry and emotion.

The visitors will scan their QR code at the entrance of the innovation room. Depending on their profiles, they will be immersed either in a floral or a celestial atmosphere, both dedicated to innovative High Jewelry creations, Fleurs Éternelles rings and Goutte de Ciel bracelet. Visitors will be able to share their favorite one on social media.


Melding eternity with the fleeting beauty of nature. With its Fleurs Eternelles (Eternal Flowers) ring collection, Maison Boucheron redefines the meaning of precious materials, introducing real flower petals into the world of High Jewelry. An achievement made possible by many years of research and an extraordinary, visionary creative challenge.


Wear the sky on your wrist. A dream comes true: Maison Boucheron’s design studio successfully captures the ephemeral, encapsulating a drop of Aerogel in rock crystal. Made up of 99.8% air, this is the material that NASA uses to capture stardust.


Much more than a boutique, the 26, place Vendôme – Boucheron’s private mansion – is designed to feel like home. This sense of welcoming was at the heart of Frédéric Boucheron’s values; he considered his clients as friends. This vision remains central to Maison Boucheron.

With this sense in mind, the trail will end by a moment of French art de vivre in Boucheron Jardin d’Hiver. Inspired by the 26, place Vendôme, this place provides a warm, tree-filled atmosphere where visitors will be invited to simply sip a coffee and taste a selection of typical French pastries. Animaux de collection and Nature creations will be displayed in the area.

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