Amazfit in Saudi Arabia

Founded in 2013 as an expert smart watches company, Amazfit has spread rapidly around 90 countries and on February 8, 2018, Amazfit was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange, while ranking fifth in China, Spain, Russia, India and number one in Brazil and Italy, and in the first quarter of 2021 ranked fourth globally.

Amazfit brand has started its presence in Saudi Arabia, distinguished by merging fashion with innovative technology so that its smart watches are linked to aspects of personal life and the development of fitness aspects. Amazfit has launched its accounts @amazfitsaudi on Saudi social media platforms on the first day of February 2022.

Amazfit aims to balance the lifestyle and improve the daily activities of users through dynamic innovation that provides keeping pace with trends and technical development and meets the needs of users.

Amazfit offers more than one type of smart watch to suit all categories of audiences, targeting the sports community, fashion interested and lovers of elegance, featuring high-definition screens and easy health management around the clock, with an advanced operating system, fast charging system, and more interesting features like tracking the blood oxygen level to enable users to monitor and improve their health condition, and many more features that reflect the beauty of nature availing to users a distinctive and elegant appearance.

Amazfit watches are now available on most prominent Saudi Ecom websites and apps, like Noon and Amazon Saudi Arabia, and they are also available at Carrefour Saudi Arabia and Lulu hypermarket.

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